PROOF :  Authenticity, Sustainability, Traceability

Transparency that’s good for everyone.

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Technology to liberate supply chains from opacity and inefficiency.

Bext360 provides comprehensive and measurable accountability for critical supply chains. The SaaS platform provides unsurpassed blockchain traceability and quantifiable measurements for sustainability.Bext360 focuses on supply chains such as coffee, seafood, timber, minerals, cotton and palm oil to provide a traceable fingerprint from producer to consumer.After all, how can you prove sustainability without transparency?

Software as a Service

Configurable solutions for every stakeholder in the supply chain at each step—from origin to consumer.

APIs enable Bext360 technology to embed in websites, supply chain management systems, point-of-sale systems and more.

Traceable & Authentic

Data is collected at every stage of the supply chain and blockchained for an immutable record while quantifying sustainability measurements.

Quality Elevated

A unique combination of artificial intelligence and machine vision provides crop analysis, sorting and immediate feedback for producers at origin.

Tokenized Assets

Increasing in value as they move through the supply chain, digital tokens are used for digital payments, smart contracts, financing and more.

Proof of Origin

Proof that your data is accurate from the very beginning with tracking technology throughout the entire supply chain.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

Deployed in emerging economies worldwide, Bext360 technology facilitates greater transparency, business intelligence, and provides a sustainability metric.

The way it should be. The way you always thought it was.

Bext360’s vision is to impact lives and disrupt global supply chains by utilizing blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and machine vision to access traceability, transparency and sustainability like never before.

Our first initiative was to introduce the world’s first blockchain traced coffee. Using our platform, farmers, consumers and every stakeholder in between are invited along for the journey of their goods—from harvest to the first sip.

And coffee is just the beginning…

What we do.

The Bext360 system tracks and blockchains goods at every step in the supply chain providing transparency on a shared ledger that is updated and validated in real time.

Blockchain technology provides an immutable record and proof that data is unaltered. Machine vision and artificial intelligence ensure proof of origin, quality analysis and sorting—beginning at collection.

Once entered into the Bext360 system, physical assets are instantly represented as tokens and stored in the blockchain to facilitate payments, yield smart contracts and track assets through the supply chain from origin to consumer. Bext360’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform allows all stakeholders throughout the supply chain to view and analyze traceable data at each step. RESTful APIs allow producers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers and everyone in between to embed the technology into their own supply chain management tools, websites, marketing and point-of-sale systems.

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