Bext News—November 2018

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“And technology is being used to keep companies, countries, and entire industries honest…That doesn’t make a better supply chain, it makes a better world.

SaaS Sustainability Module

At the recent World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, South Korea, our CEO announced the release of a new set of sustainability features added to our traceability SaaS platform.

Now, organizations can blockchain the integration of traceability data and sustainability metrics within our software to provide a 360-degree view of their supply chain and sustainable development activities. Our sustainability library includes thousands of metrics to address economic, environmental, governance and social priorities. Based on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), best practices and certification requirements, a company’s unique sustainability model is developed to target its specific goals – immediate and long term. The framework is tailored to a customer’s unique needs by assessing nodes, lots, unique practices and advancements on existing sustainability initiatives.

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New Partner: Kahawa 1893

Kahawa 1893 is the first direct trade coffee brand to apply our sustainability metrics to highlight its initiatives to address institutional barriers for Kenya’s coffee producers and women, in particular…continue reading 

Margaret Nyamumbo—Founder, Kahawa 1893

Bext360 Staff Bio: Lauren Magin

The work of “moto explorer” and photographer, Lauren Magin, is posted across our social media channels so we thought to introduce her formally…continue reading

Check out some of Lauren’s work on our Instagram account!

Upcoming Events

November 13-14ReMode 2018: VP of Strategy & Product, Tessa Thorburn will be participating in a panel on the role of Blockchain in Fashion.

November: Bext Machine & software deployments across Central America and East Africa.

December: Software deployment for cotton traceability in fashion and apparel sector (details coming soon).